MaxFreight Company Information


MaxFreight was founded in 1999 by Michael Maxham, who now flies as a real-world cargo pilot. His original concept was to emulate the small Part 135 cargo companies that primarily fly prop, turboprop and some small jets to provide cargo service to smaller airports. The original hubs were located in Phoenix, Santa Ana, Seattle (Sea-Tac), Oakland and Denver. Over the years the Seattle hub has moved to Boeing Field, Santa Ana to Burbank, Oakland to Sacramento and we’ve added hubs in Orlando, Chicago and Windsor Locks.

Burbank, California

Seattle, Washington 


Sacramento, California

Orlando, Florida


Chicago, Illinois

Windsor Locks, Connecticut


At MaxFreight, we fly "Nothing but Freight."   Pilots are free to fly any cargo route, in any cargo aircraft they choose whenever they wish.  MaxFreight has a wide variety of cargo aircraft in our fleet, from a small, single engines to heavy jets.  We not only include aircraft compatible with FS98 thru FSX but for X-Plane and FlightGear as well and are constantly adding to our fleet.  Flights out of our hubs cover the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. We also have international flights to many countries around the world.

Our VA provides training materials on various topics. MaxFreight members have access to more information at our forums, where they can read NOTAMs, chat about the topic du jour and even ask questions of their fellow pilots about flying.


Our goal to keep our pilots happy and flying. MaxFreight strives to provide a friendly, easy going atmosphere. There are few restrictions or strict policies, except that everyone must fly regularly. We do strive for realism, but not to the extent that it interferes with the enjoyment of our hobby.